Whole Body Checkup Blood Test

Whole Body Checkup Blood Test

Wellness Pathcare remains committed to its resolve not to let the people be at unease for their health tests. To this end, it provides whole body checkup blood test at the lowest price in Delhi NCR & Health services wherein it provides sample collection and report-delivery services from/to your place.

Blood test service has been designed with special consideration of senior citizens and the disabled, though it is open for all.

Whole Body Checkup Blood Test At Home Lowest Price In Delhi NCR, Whole Body Checkup Test At Lowest Price In Delhi.

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Wellness Pathcare is a whole body checkup blood test services provider Company which provide Whole Body Checkup Blood Test In Delhi NCR and providing doorstep facility in Delhi NCR. Wellness Pathcare working 24×7 for Delhi’s folks. We understand that juggling between business, job and managing home tasks is not that easy and leaves you with little time to move other dreamsWhole Body Checkup Blood Test at Lowest Price In Delhi NCR.

  • Simply call at one of these phone numbers: 011-28121234, 09990921991, 09990921988.
  • Provide name, address, and telephone no. and mention the blood tests for which Home for whole body checkup service & Health service is required.

  • Our diagnostic specialist agent will reach your place at conveniently appointed time. The samples are collected as per established procedures and are safely kept in the designated box. These samples are brought to Wellness Pathcare for further processing.
  • We will make the reports available online and also send the reports to your place on request as soon as they are ready.